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What Is a Trust Contest?

A trust is a legal arrangement where one person or entity, known as the “trustee,” holds the title to property and manages it for the benefit of another person or people, known as the “beneficiaries.” When an interested party believes that a trust is legally invalid, they may pursue a legal action called a “trust …

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The Trustee’s Guide to Breach of Trust Claims

Trustees commonly face claims for breach of trust, misappropriation of trust funds, mismanagement, malfeasance, fraud, or breach of fiduciary duty. If you’ve been accused of breaching your fiduciary duties or misappropriating trust funds, contact an experienced trust litigation attorney as soon as possible. The sooner you begin working with a trust litigation attorney, the better …

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Contesting a Trust - How will my family react? Los Angeles Trust Litigation Attorney

How to Contest a Trust From Home

Today’s technologies have made contesting a trust easier than you think. We have substantial experience working with remote clients who never physically come into our offices, provide hard-copy documents, and physically never go to court, yet we’ve been able to help them obtain their rightful inheritance and trust distributions. Whatever challenge you may be facing …

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