Scott Rahn Quoted in Newsweek Regarding Britney Spears Conservatorship

Scott E. Rahn, Managing Partner of RMO LLP, was recently quoted in Newsweek regarding the Britney Spears conservatorship, “How Can Britney Spears Perform Hundreds of Shows But Still Be Under Conservatorship?”

Here’s an excerpt:

“There’s a disconnect between the public perception and outcry and the reality of a conservatorship,” Scott Rahn, attorney at RMO who specializes in conservatorships told Newsweek.

“All the conservatorship does is it allows someone else to make financial, healthcare decisions for you. But within that construct there are freedoms and things like that, there are opportunities to manage some of your affairs, right, just under the tutelage of a conservator.

“For many artists, musicians, actors, entertainers—the reality is, is that many of them work with business managers who manage their finances anyway.”

Rahn explained that if Spears was not in a conservatorship “there would still very likely be a team of people who would be managing her financial affairs.”

He added that in Spears’ case, she “happens to have that extra layer where the court has said, ‘you’ve undergone some trauma in your life that has put you in a position where we’re afraid that you’re going to be taken advantage of’ and it’s just that extra layer of protection.”

To read the full article on click here.

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