Litigation Partners for Estate Planners

At RMO, we partner with top estate planning attorneys, providing exceptional litigation support services and trial court experience.

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We invest in relationships with estate planning attorneys.

Many of our cases come from referrals and relationships in the business communities we serve. While partnerships with trusted advisors can take a variety of forms, we always remain focused on protecting the client while keeping all necessary parties involved and informed.
Our engagements are often for discrete, well-defined trust, estate and conservatorship disputes that require in-depth experience. Whether working with you as co-counsel, or taking the lead in a case, we respect our partners existing client relationships and commitments.
Trust, experience, transparency and results are how we’ve built a reputation for excellence. Because complex estate disputes often involve estate planning attorneys, asset protection attorneys, accountants, financial advisors, family office managers and other affiliated professionals, we coordinate closely and “play nicely” with trusted advisors in advancing our mutual client interests.

We care about your estate plan clients, deeply.

At RMO, we do great work by putting people first. We know clients need relief from grieving the loss of a loved one. We consider the entirety of a client’s situation, including emotional and psychological factors. It’s about people, not dollars.
Our aim is to achieve the best possible outcome to help clients move on with their lives, and we work with their trusted advisors to find solutions that create the best path forward.

We are resourceful, strategic, and effective.

Hyper focus has its benefits. As a boutique law firm focused on probate, trust and estate litigation, we live in, think about, and litigate these issues all day, every day. To maximize our in-depth experience for our clients, we have layered in technologies large law firms would envy. Why? To allow our lawyers to maximize efficiencies and responsiveness. For clients, this means their cases take less time and require less legal spend to achieve the best results.

"Do I need an estate litigation attorney near me?"

Yes. In most cases, it’s a great advantage to retain a local estate litigation attorney familiar with the county probate court wherein a civil case might go to trial. Why? A local trust litigation attorney is more familiar with probate code nuances in their county, and the local probate court judges and staff.


Meet Matthew F. Baker

Matthew Baker is a partner with RMO LLP. Matthew’s litigation practice focuses on representing beneficiaries and fiduciaries in contested trust, estate and probate litigation matters; business owners and entities in business litigation matters and partnership disputes; and investors, financial industry employees, and financial institutions in securities litigation, employment litigation, and regulatory matters…

Matthew Baker, Associate

For your trust to work as intended, it must avoid future trust contests and disputes amongst heirs and beneficiaries.

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Most states allow for a parent to disinherit a child. Those that do not still allow for partial disinheritance.

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The #1 Difference Between Undue Influence and Duress

Undue influence and duress are frequently cited in probate and trust litigation. Both are used by abusers as a means to gain the favor of wealthy spouses and family members…

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