What's it like to work here?

At RMO, we know talent when we see it—and reward it. Our entrepreneurial environment supports individual initiative, the power of teamwork, real legal experience and lots of client contact.

Careers at RMO, LLP

We value talented and caring professionals.

At RMO, we know talent when we see it—and reward it. Our entrepreneurial environment supports individual initiative, the power of teamwork, real legal experience and lots of client contact.

The impact you can make extends beyond the transformational role you will have on people’s lives. Your daily work with top-tier professionals helps you develop a meaningful, challenging and satisfying career that fits your professional goas and your family, and lifestyle values.
Academic and professional excellence define our team members, and we pride ourselves on being more than just very good at our jobs— we truly care about our colleagues and communities. The nature of our practice requires attorneys and staff with more than a great transcript and a desk filled with shiny awards. Empathy starts at home, and our offices are our “safe place” where nobody fears failure for trying and everyone is encouraged and supported to succeed.

“I’m regularly impressed by the level of integrity demonstrated by my colleagues. It makes me feel proud to be part of an organization that makes excellence a priority.”

R.K., Attorney

We are business-minded, and forward thinking.

As a boutique law firm, RMO LLP demonstrates how small is mighty every day.
Our hyper focus in probate, trust and estate litigation allows for mastery in a growing and dynamic area of the law. Our depth of practice creates a platform that depends on and welcomes new ideas—it’s how we maximize efficiencies and results, while remaining flexible pivoting smoothly when needed.
We continually evaluate and use emerging technologies that allow our attorneys to remain focused on what they love most—advising clients, practicing law, and advancing their careers.

“The genuine level of caring demonstrated by the firm’s leaders and professionals is unlike anywhere else I’ve ever worked. It really makes RMO a special place.”

J.C., Attorney

We are committed to your career advancement.

When we talk about our collaborative spirit, we really mean that everyone has a voice, and one we want to hear. Less hierarchical and more inclusive than traditional law firms, RMO encourages all of our professionals to build relationships both internally and across the business community, all which grows expertise and leads to business.

Your professional development is your concern. It’s ours too. We have built the firm on the strength of the relationships we invest in and reputations we earn—our relationship with firm colleagues is at the center of our success.

“I have worked at several firms and my colleagues at RMO are my favorite. Our firm leaders are constantly reinforcing key values and teaching me how to be more efficient and look out for our clients’ best interest.”

K.Y., Attorney


Meet Matthew F. Baker

Matthew Baker is a partner with RMO LLP. Matthew’s litigation practice focuses on representing beneficiaries and fiduciaries in contested trust, estate and probate litigation matters; business owners and entities in business litigation matters and partnership disputes; and investors, financial industry employees, and financial institutions in securities litigation, employment litigation, and regulatory matters…

Matthew Baker, Associate

Undue influence and duress are frequently cited in probate and trust litigation. Both are used by abusers as a means to gain the favor of wealthy spouses and family members…

Trust Litigation Attorney Los Angeles

Most states allow for a parent to disinherit a child. Those that do not still allow for partial disinheritance.

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For your trust to work as intended, it must avoid future trust contests and disputes amongst heirs and beneficiaries.

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