Trust, Estate & Probate Administration


Trust, Estate & Probate Administration

Stepping into the role of “Personal Representative” to handle your loved one’s trust, will or probate estate can be an overwhelming experience. We have decades of experience helping individual and institutional administrators, executors and trustees fulfill all their duties efficiently and cost-effectively.

Although just a summary, below are many of the things we can help you with:

  • Coordinate handling of funeral arrangements and expenses;
  • Locate, inventory, safeguard and consult on best practices for handling assets, including bank accounts, investment accounts, insurance policies, safe deposit boxes, personal property, real estate, and business interests;
  • Examine and negotiate creditor claims;
  • Investigate and pursue debts owed to your estate;
  • Coordinate the preparation and filing of all income, estate, inheritance, income or gift tax returns required by state or federal authorities;
  • Keep detailed records of all income, expenses and estate transactions, and render accounting to the court and to beneficiaries;
  • Handle all court filings;
  • Locate potential heirs and determine heirship – i.e. who gets what;
  • Calculate final costs of administration, including what you should be paid as the personal representative; and
  • Determine final distributions to be made to heirs.

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