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Trust & Probate Administration

Stepping into the role of “Personal Representative” to handle your loved one’s trust, will, or probate estate can be an overwhelming experience. We have decades of experience helping individual and institutional administrators, executors, and trustees fulfill all their duties efficiently and cost-effectively. Although just a summary, below are many of the things we can help you with, and we’re always happy to answer your questions.

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Funeral Arrangements

We’re happy to coordinate handling of funeral arrangements and expenses, in addition to the other fundamental processes associated with the passing of a loved one…


Asset Management

Locate, inventory, safeguard and consult on best practices for handling assets, including bank accounts, investment accounts, insurance policies, safe deposit boxes, personal property, real estate, and business interests…


Creditor Claims & Debts

We will examine and negotiate creditor claims, while also investigating and pursueing debts owed to your estate. Our attorneys will determine which of the decedent’s debts require payment, and which may not…


Tax Filing & Accounting

We prepare and file all income, estate, inheritance, income or gift tax returns required by state or federal authorities. Plus, we keep detailed records of all income, expenses, and estate transactions, then render accounting to the court and beneficiaries…


Court Filings

We handle all court filings, from petition and probate notes to closing. Save time and money by avoiding unecessary trips to probate court…


Distribution & Inheritance

We locate potential heirs and determine heirship (e.g., who gets what), calculate final costs of administration, including what you should be paid as the executor or representative, and determine final distributions to heirs and beneficiaries…

Matthew Baker is a partner with RMO LLP. Matthew’s litigation practice focuses on representing beneficiaries and fiduciaries in contested trust, estate and probate litigation matters; business owners and entities in business litigation matters and partnership disputes; and investors, financial industry employees, and financial institutions in securities litigation, employment litigation, and regulatory matters…