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Seeking legal help to remedy partnership disputes

If you’ve been in business for any length of time, then you know clashes and disputes are all part of conducting business, whether you like it or not. Sometimes your disputes will be with clients or shareholders, at other times you may run up against regulatory agencies or employees. And at other times, you just might not see eye to eye with your business partners.

Partnership disputes can crop up when two or more strong-willed people disagree on how a business issue should be resolved, often resulting in opposing sides taking different stances regarding the direction and welfare of a business.

Some disputes can be relatively minor, but others may have grave consequences on the long-term health of a venture. Whether you are a minority shareholder, a majority owner, a silent partner or another key stakeholder, you will need experienced representation to defend your rights as early on as possible. In many cases, a law firm can remove much of the emotion that is creating animosity, and attempt to reach a settlement that is fair and equitable for all sides.

Resolving business disputes may include rectifying breaches in fiduciary duties through buyouts, financial settlements to satisfy any malfeasance that has taken place, or if needed, taking a matter through an arbitration process or to court and seeking satisfaction through a trial process.

If needed, a law firm can assist their clients in making sure that a business is fairly valued so that if a buyout or liquidation of assets takes place, the stakeholders receive fair compensation.

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