Scott Rahn Quoted On MarketWatch Regarding Britney Spears Conservatorship

Scott E. Rahn, Managing Partner of RMO LLP, was recently quoted on regarding the Britney Spears conservatorship, “Britney Spears and her ‘toxic’ conservatorship case highlight a nightmare for older Americans”.

Here’s an excerpt:

The person for whom the conservatorship is serving has to prove he or she no longer needs this oversight, said Scott Rahn, managing partner of law firm RMO. It is possible to terminate a conservatorship for an older person, such as the case where someone suffered a stroke that impaired their cognitive or physical functions and then recover. But these individuals have to build a case that they’re capable of controlling their own affairs, which includes documentation and expert witnesses.

“The judges that sit and hear these cases take their role in determining if someone’s rights should be taken away very seriously, and with empathy and concern for making sure that there are not less restrictive options,” Rahn said.

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