Scott Rahn Discusses Britney Spears Conservatorship on NBC News

July 13, 2021 | NBC News | by Doha Madani [excerpt] — Britney Spears’ recent court testimony might have put her previous mental health evaluations under a cloud of mistrust, but her allegations of abuse are unlikely to help her gain independence without further psychological scrutiny.

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Despite concerns raised about her previous evaluations, it’s unlikely that the court will throw away her doctor’s filings and release her from the conservatorship, said Scott Rahn, a California-based trust lawyer who handles estates and conservatorships. The court balances a number of factors when it decides whether to place someone under a conservatorship, which makes it hard to create an objective standard that can be undone.

Spears will probably have to submit to a new psychological assessment, which she told the court she doesn’t want, Rahn said.

“If somebody has raised concerns about the validity of an evaluation if that evaluation was, you know, four years ago or two years ago, the person is still conserved, and the question of whether the person should be conserved today is not necessarily going to be best answered by going and looking at an evaluation from two years ago,” Rahn said. “I think the better question is whether the current status necessitates a conservatorship.”

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