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Protecting the rights of securities industry employees

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The stocks and securities sector often deals in high stakes, and requires the steady hand of executives who are well versed in many aspects of the finance industry. It is not uncommon for disputes to arise due to the intense nature of the financial services industry. Nor is it uncommon for someone to be unjustly accused and terminated through no fault of their own. When this takes place, a former employee may have the right to seek damages through securities employment litigation.

This type of litigation can result from many possible scenarios:

Central Registration Depository defamation. A negative mark on a CRD record can follow a finance professional and impact their ability to seek employment, gain more clients or be seen in a favorable light by industry professionals.

Discrimination. This can take place at any time and may be related to age, race, gender, mental or physical disabilities and can result in harassment or unlawful termination.

Partnership disputes. When strong personalities and large amounts of money are involved, a close relationship can go sour, creating a nasty set of circumstances that will need to be sorted out, allowing both sides to move forward as quickly as possible.

Unpaid compensation. In some finance deals, commissions and bonuses may fall into dispute, requiring litigation to recover the full amount a client is owed.

Whistleblower cases. If an employee uncovers wrongdoing and brings it to the attention of regulators and law enforcement agencies, they may suffer adverse consequences. Whistleblowers have certain protections under the law, allowing them to protect their reputation and their future.

Wrongful termination. Although an employee serves “at will” in California, there are times when an employer may terminate an employee to deprive them of certain benefits. This can lead to a claim of wrongful termination and may allow the employee to seek damages.

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