The importance of choosing the right estate administrator

As you grow older, part of the peace of mind you want is to make sure that your loved ones and family members are taken care of according to your wishes after you pass away. This does require work and pre-planning on your part, but if you take care and put effort into the front end, then you can rest easy knowing you have done your part to secure a better future for the people you care about the most.

In some instances, you may choose a family member to administer your estate. There are both pros and cons to this approach, the biggest being that disgruntled family members could challenge how the estate is disbursed. However, when you choose an attorney to administer your estate, you can remove much of the emotion and challenges that may otherwise present themselves after the fact.

At attorney can assist you in setting up a clearly worded will and living trust that will define who gets what and how all assets should be disbursed. Without a stake in the estate, the attorney is free to make sure that there is a binding and equitable arrangement in place. If you become incapacitated before you pass away, an attorney can also take steps to protect your assets by making sure all bills are paid and creditors are kept at bay.

An attorney can also assist with healthcare directives so that your specific wishes can be outlined at the end of your life and whether or not extraordinary measures should be taken to prolong your life. With no clear directive in place, many times well-meaning family members can make the wrong choice, causing you to suffer needlessly.

After you pass, an estate administration attorney will know exactly what steps to take regarding the disbursement of your assets. Acting as a neutral third party, this will minimize any family squabbles and legal challenges, allowing for a quick and smooth process.

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